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Daniel Drake Outpatient Rehabilitation at West Chester

Daniel Drake Outpatient Rehabilitation at West Chester is located in West Chester, Ohio, in the Medical Office Building of West Chester Hospital. We offer the following high-quality outpatient services:

West Chester Hospital

  • Physical therapy— can help patients through the use of a combination of equipment, exercise and hands on techniques reduce pain, increase flexibility and strength, improve mobility and endurance, restore function and promote a return to the highest level of activity possible, with a plan to prevent future injuries.
  • Occupational therapy— can help patients get stronger and more flexible; relearn skills for daily living activities; use adaptive equipment when needed; maximize abilities for self-care, work, and leisure, and develop a home program to maintain their gains from therapy.
  • Speech-language pathology— can help patients relearn how to talk; find alternative ways to communicate; relearn safe swallowing skills; rebuild their thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills and optimize recovery with a plan to maintain their gains from therapy.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation – an exercise and wellness program for people who have, or are at high risk for heart conditions. Cardiac rehab helps patients gradually increase their exercise levels in a safe environment, with monitoring and oversight by trained medical professionals.
  • Pilates— is an exercise program for patients recovering from injury or illness, those wanting to maintain the benefits from a rehabilitation program, and those wanting an overall fitness and conditioning program. This total-body exercise builds long, lean muscles; increases abdominal strength, improves flexibility, coordination and posture; and reduces joint stress.


We are located at:
7675 Wellness Way, Suite 101, First Floor
West Chester, OH 45069
Phone:  513-298-7799
Fax: 513-755-6180
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