Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care

151 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45216 | (513) 418-2500

Daniel Drake Outpatient Rehabilitation at Clifton

Daniel Drake Outpatient Rehabilitation at Clifton in Stetson Square is located near the University of Cincinnati. ­­ We offer the following high-quality outpatient services:

  • Physical therapy— helps patients get stronger, relearn how to walk, move better with less pain, maneuver wheelchairs more easily, and recover with a plan for preventing future injuries.
  • Pilates— is an exercise program for patients recovering from injury or illness, those wanting to maintain the benefits from a rehabilitation program, and those wanting an overall fitness and conditioning program. This total-body exercise builds long, lean muscles; increases abdominal strength, improves flexibility, coordination and posture; and reduces joint stress.


We are located at:
260 Stetson Street, Suite 266
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Call 513-221-6690 or fax 513.221.6693.
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