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Skin Cancer Center


About Us

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, accounting for nearly half of all cancer cases in the United States. The Skin Cancer Center at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute is equipped to meet the needs of those facing skin cancer. We have the resources to diagnose and treat even the most complex conditions. Because of our depth of experience, we understand your concerns and give personalized care.
If you have been diagnosed, know that you can trust us to provide:

  • First-rate treatment. We provide multiple treatment options that are capable of eliminating the cancer while minimizing side effects. In addition, we have access to the latest methods in skin cancer treatment through clinical trials.
  • Physicians who are advancing care. Our physicians are involved in skin cancer research through their work as faculty members at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. These studies directly impact the care we give to patients by improving skin cancer treatments and advancing what we know about skin cancer prevention.
  • A multidisciplinary approach. Our team is made up of cancer nurses, dermatologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, pathologists, radiologists, fellowship-trained surgeons and specialty physicians. Team members communicate every day and meet at monthly tumor board conferences to discuss each patient’s case, combining their knowledge and skill to ensure the best possible outcome.